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Blueberries, soda, carrot sticks: how Bella Hadid prepares for Victoria’s Secret

Bella Hadid

There are only three weeks to go before the big Victoria’s Secret in new York, and many models, among them 22-year-old Bella Hadid, has long started to train hard and sat on a diet. Yesterday, on October 28, the star shared with fans the secrets of power and showed the contents of his refrigerator in Instagram.

As it turned out, Bella prefers vegetables, natural juices without sugar, and a variety of protein products. Star bites carrot sticks, celery, blueberries, and raspberries, almonds and cashews. She also loves organic Kombucha beverages, Blueprint, coconut water, oat milk. In addition, the model can’t resist Oriental cuisine, so her fridge is always have a stock of hummus. In this case, she goes shopping in one of the famous supermarkets in new York.

However, Hadid often indulge themselves unhealthy treats: sweet drinks San Pellegrino or pizza. Last summer, in an interview with WWD she said:

Now my diet is pizza. Every day eat it. I love the burgers, fries, grilled cheese. I believe that if you want bread, eat it.

However, before important shows star takes himself in hand, eat only protein foods and trains for three hours.

I think if you follow a certain regime, you will definitely achieve success. It’s crazy, but I think most importantly, and succeed.

Her sister Gigi, in contrast, is trying to gain weight by all means and, apparently, preparing to serve in another way- gets to eat burgers and fries.

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