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Blue abyss in the casket domestic localizers

It would seem that we have long been accustomed to all kinds of perversions domestic localizers foreign films. They have a movie called “the Awakening” becomes “Psychic”, the “Carrie” becomes “Psychic”. And still they do not cease to surprise us, often in a negative sense. Sometimes I need to give distributors a kick to bring to life. Sometimes it even works, although nobody ever admits directly that drew attention to the audience reaction from that or another site.

For example, not so long ago we wondered how it happened that in the domestic rolled one after the other in two weeks there will be two like each other as twin brothers, movies about sharks. And voila, release one of them moved from June to may. That’s just along the way, the film “Volga” decided to change the movie title, and for the second time. The picture Johannes Roberts and abroad known under two names – “47 Meters Down” (main) and “In the Deep” (working, first). In Russia, the first movie was named “Fear of depth”, then “47 feet”, and now all – “the Blue abyss”.

Moreover. “Volga” also will release 13 July 2017 in the Russian hire a mysterious new horror from the Director of “the Curse of Annabelle,” John R. Leonetti “Wish Upon”, that’s just great instead of a direct translation of”Make a wish” at the moment (we still hope that the company heed the voice of reason) movie decided to call… “Box”!

Here there is some systematic way, but this system, in my opinion, worthless. Distributors stupid sculpts names similar to the names of the famous movies of yesteryear. In the case of “the Blue abyss” just remember “the Abyss” James Cameron and “the deep Blue” Luc Besson, isn’t it? Well, the “Box” is still transparent – a source of “inspiration”, apparently, is this a horror movie.

But damn it if “the Blue abyss” still did not go, in case of “Casket” seems to be a distributor with their own hands digging the grave of potentially grossing film. Personally, I quite think might be interested in a horror film called “Make a wish”, but the “BOX”?! WTF?!!

And somehow immediately reminded of that earlier “Volga” was renamed to the Russian hire “the Autopsy of Jane DOE” in the “Demon inside”, despoilered thus partially the subject of this painting. And then another, and delayed the release of the film, but in the end chose not the most successful date of release. In the end, the film, despite generally cordial criticism (Yes, that’s at least our website – times Retz, Retz two), hardly collected in Russia 10 million rubles cash.

The “Volga” is not the worst distributors. On account of the many excellent and a very good genre movie releases: “the psychic”, “Buried”, “RAID”, “Oculus”, “Real vampires”… And many of these releases had a great success with the public, collected at 40, 50, 60 million roubles or more. I would not want to work with these guys (we have, in the end, in the “Volga” and there are friends for whom we are a little worried) got worse.

So, hopefully, they’ll hear us if we speak on these topics. Here, for example, what titles like “Fear of depth” and “Make a wish” or “Blue abyss” and “Box”? Time to change the names of the releases is still there, Russian trailers of these movies was not.

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