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Bloody seas: Faroe Islands massively killed the dolphins. Video

Кровавое море: на Фарерских островах массово убили дельфинов. ВидеоThe shallow water turned into a bloody mess due to the amount of blood and dead bodies of dolphins.

Slaughter the pilot whales in the Faroe Islands was on video. Massacre of fishermen on a Dolphin was filmed by animal rights activists Sea Shepherd.

As a result of “fishing” the entire coast became red with blood. Experts say that the development of the dolphins is so great that they feel pain and fear just as people.

Animals are first driven into shallow water and then cut. For local fishermen this is a centuries-old tradition. They laugh and rejoice in the murder of dolphins.

The government of the Faroe Islands argues that such fishing does not pose a threat to the animal world and provides income to local residents.

According to the volunteers, this is the eleventh recorded case of hunting pilot whales in a year.

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