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Bloody retro-horror “All the devils are here” (TRAILER)

In 2013 in the framework of the best videos of the week Area of Horror has released a trailer for the film “Lunatics” (Sleepwalkers), and in 2014 he was presented to the public, swept through the film festivals and… disappeared. With distribution in independent horror for a long time was developed. But here at the courtyard 2017-th, and the picture, changing the name to “All the devils are here” (All The Devils Are Here), indeed is already here.

The reason the tape has been renamed, not called, but you see, to avoid confusion. Fortunately the plot of the film Ryan Lichborne is irrelevant to the joint creation of Mick Garris and Stephen king. Here is a story:

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Some students travel to the forests of Florida to take a break from the daily training routine, warm up by the campfire, indulge in love in nature. However, in the deep thicket of the forest they are greeted by something horrible. Someone or something with displeasure their presence and wants to deal with uninvited guests. Together with the owner of the roadside shop, and the fugitive criminal, the heroes confront the fear of darkness and before the creatures living in it…

In short, it is an independent retro-horror, which has everything you need for a growing organism: murder in the fresh air porn, young girls and boys as victims and eerie night creatures that love to tear people to pieces.

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In the caste there are Ensley Gordon (“Cruelty”), Tommy Goodman (“lost boy”), John. Laros (“Saw 3”) and John Archer Lundgren (“Very strange things”).

“All the devils are here” is already available on digital platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, VUDU, Sony PlayStation and XBox Live. So enjoy!

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