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Bloody police shooting at Kiev: new details

Кровавая перестрелка полиции под Киевом: новые подробностиJust the shooting involved more than 20 law enforcement officers.

Marked police cars guard during a night firing of security forces in the City was clearly evident.

It found the prosecutors during the investigative experiment.

That night, at the playback of a fatal shooting between his on the scene for the first time brought all participants of the tragedy. Night. All participants in shooting the Prince and the extras, instead of dead law enforcement officers. The same bullet-riddled car. For a complete picture of the tragedy is that not enough snow on the road. Investigators demolished the ice to reproduce the circumstances of the fight to chance. Even if that day is not burning the street lamps, and enabled was, for example, only the dimensions of the cars – a white rump helped Shine marking police cars.

So far, the investigators reported only that shot official car with a van in which was a group of special forces CORD. But I didn’t specify that there was a third force – the rapid response team, formed from the former Berkut officers. She came out of the woods. Journalists have seen only during the experiment. Did not detail the investigative and the fact that the shooting was attended by 23 people.

Now, all who survived, according to experts. But not to journalists: the secrecy of the investigation. All that I have no right to tell the investigators, and the participants of the shooting, is taken to say the father of one of the dead policemen. Alexander Orlov also was at the scene that night and says, the experiment showed that the commandos could not see that shot at her.

“I want to show that the car can be seen in the dark, even if more snow to throw. They had to drive up to surround the car as there were so many. To say: “out with your hands up we of such units”, – says the man.

The attorney General has already stated, the first opened fire by a security officer. But never explained why such a powerful firing in response was from spetspodrazdeleniya CORD. And most importantly, who gave the order to fire on the spot.

Recall, December 4, 2016, the security forces killed himself, allegedly due to the fact that strike each other as criminals. Although according to official information, there was planned a special operation to capture the robbers .

After the tragedy, which killed 5 militiamen, it has been almost 2 months. Currently, the results of the investigation – 7 dismissed 9 employees received disciplinary sanctions. So now the price of the failed operation in Knyazhychi.

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