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Bloody Pennywise announces an exhibition of art based on “It”

About Gallery 1988 we wrote repeatedly. This is a cozy place for all lovers of art, located in Los Angeles at Melrose Avenue 7308. There is arranged a tribute to Stephen king with a demonstration of original art based on the works of the King and the exhibition-sale titled “30 years later”, where people could buy the steep (and not so) paintings, inspired by iconic films of 1987 release, such as “Robocop”, “Hellraiser” and “Predator”.

31 August in the gallery will open a new exhibition, timed to release on the big screen the long-awaited horror Andres, Moschetti “It” (IT). Many artists present their version of the history of confrontation between the Club Losers and terrible monster that terrorized the ancient little town of Derry. Of course, the protagonist of most of the paintings will be the clown Pennywise performed by bill Skarsgard.

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Colleagues from Bloody-Disgusting got hold of one of the artifacts – and blood-red Pennywise from Eduardo Valdivieso (Eduardo Valdivieso). Looks good, as sort of a teaser really going. And there, as usual, will be even more interesting.

The exhibition will run until September 3, so if you suddenly find yourself in the City of Angels, stop by for a visit. Oh and don’t forget the main thing: the Russian cinema “It” will start from 7 September.

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