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Bloody jumpers in the fresh poster of the horror film “overlord”

New project star producer J. J. Abrams got another poster. At first it may seem that this is just the blood splatter on a white sheet – but no, not so simple. Here bloody airplane throws a bloody parachute – what could be nicer? Turned out to be countable.

By the way, the poster at the parts laid out in Instagram the film, collecting huge image of the multiple panels. And one of them found an address: At the moment it is redirecting to post page of the film, but there is no doubt: all for a reason. Abrams and company are again up to something.

Recall synopsis:

On the eve of the Normandy invasion American paratroopers secretly crossed the front line, to carry out the mission that are critical to the success of the invasion. However, closer to their goal, they begin to understand that this Nazi-occupied village is something more sinister than a simple military operation. They have to deal with some supernatural forces that seem to be part of the experiment of the Nazis.

Actors involved Wyatt Russell (“Black mirror”), Ian de Caestecker (“How to catch a monster”), Jovan, Adepo (“Fences”), Johan Philip Asbeck (“Game of thrones”), Bokim Woodbine (the remake of “total Recall”), John Magaro (“Parcel”) and others.

Director – Julius Avery (“Young blood”).

“Overlord” will get to Russian cinema 3 November 2018.

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