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Bloody game from the “Welcome to Willits” (VIDEO)

Keep a couple of them oozing blood, and delusions excerpts from the upcoming narco-fiction horror film “Welcome to Willits” with Dolph Lundgren., Rory Kalkin, Anastasia Baranova and others.

The synopsis is misleading and seems sane:

A quiet, peaceful life of the small town of Willits is broken unprecedented for this event: suddenly went into the forest dwellers lost in it. At first no one was concerned about their disappearance, have sinned that they could just get lost in the woods. However, the passage of time did not return they began to look, but found only the bloody remains. What or who could do this to people?

Well, the trailer with the aliens as it suggests that the reason drugs. Supposedly, the main character freaking out and wets all in a row, thinking that the humanoids from other worlds. For nefig to experiment on man!

It is the stage with such experiences appears to us in one of the attached videos. Anal probe to be inserted until, the alien was limited to experimental demonstration of the fact that the man to see can’t. And yet there is a little Alien! It POPs up, however, from quite unusual places.

Well, in the following passage we witness how the character Rory Culkin (Yes, brother of Macaulay Culkin) gets into a bad situation, so to speak. Is going to hurt.

The script for “Welcome to Willits” wrote Tim Ryan, his brother Trevor Ryan directed the picture. Both debutants full meter. A major role in all this, their disgrace was performed by bill sage, lit in his time in “American psycho” and “Mysterious skin”.

On 22 September the film will be released in American theaters and simultaneously on VOD services.

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