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Bloody chainsaw massacre in Spanish

Do you know about the existence of the horror movie called “the Spanish chainsaw massacre” (The Spanish Chainsaw Massacre)? No? Meanwhile, it was filmed in 2013! Well, Yes, okay, if you have not heard – can hear, read, view. And don’t mention it: the horror that is our job.

So, back to 15 September 2013 held the Spanish premiere of this movie. However in the homeland of the Director and screenwriter of Manolito Motosierra the film known as “Carnívoros”, about the “massacre,” remembered the American distributor. However, after seeing the trailer, we can agree that the name “Spanish chainsaw massacre” for this release is quite suitable.

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Heavy metal band called The Metal Dicks concerts, promoting his first Studio album. Moving from town to town, they are forced to make a stop in a small provincial town due to car troubles – just one night. The next day in the town celebrating the anniversary of the founder, and the mayor asks The Metal Dicks to perform at the festival. The group agrees, not knowing the danger to them is this festival…

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Visually the film looks like a vigorous, ultra-bloody and mega-cheap blend classic films of Tobe Hooper and “Two thousand maniacs”, and the ketchup poured buckets.

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