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Bloody Brazilian horror film, which is compared to “the Exorcist”

Yes, in Brazil there is not only “a lot of wild monkeys” and players here too there live people making horror.

A picture of “Our evil” (Mal Nosso) on his own script removed the hitherto obscure Samuel gally. The world premiere took place September 14, 2017 in Belgium, visited the strip and at several festivals, where it received generally good reviews and really won comparisons to such films as “the exorcist” and “the exorcism of Emily rose”.

Not hard to guess that Mal Nosso exploits the same theme of obsession, and the aforementioned classics of the genre. Only in the performance of the Brazilians, it looks very bloody, so the memory POPs up not even “the exorcist…”, but rather a remake of “evil dead”.

For the tip on the details of this film special thanks to denizen memory xixidok.

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