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Blood-STRAFE gameplay pixel (SCREENS, TRAILER)

Carbon trailer old-school shooter Strafe looked like a great short film, filmed for the VHS format and lead us into raptures. Meanwhile, the game comes out may 9, 2017, and the Network has a Launch trailer, showing what little was in the previous video gameplay! Blood, pixels and branded VHS fixings, too, have not gone away.

Inspired the creators (developer Pixel Titans and publisher Devolver Digital) classics of the genre: Wolfenstein, Quake and DOOM. And hell much!


– No downloads, locations appear instantly;

– Bloody – enemies explode in fountains of blood pixel;

– Randomly generated levels, different and unpredictable. The locations change after each death of the hero;

Four unique zones;

– A lot of secrets;

– 30 types of weapons with countless options for improvements and 20 types of enemies;

– Support for Oculus.

Strafe is an arcade shoot’em eh … its all a first person shooter with support for virtual reality, referring players to the culture of 90-ies. Features of the project is the simplified graphics and automatic generation of levels.

Bunch screenshot also attached.

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