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Blogger, which is called the double of Olga Buzova told about criticism and attacks

Anastasiya Golovinova — a young mother, blogger and owner of a showroom in Moscow. On her Instagram signed more than 90 thousand people. Many have repeatedly noted a surprising similarity of the girls with TV presenter Olga Buzova. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The girl was a negative comparison with the star of “House-2”, but netizens believe that it is specifically imitates Buzova.

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“I write that I paid for to me compared with her. And when I say that not much want to be like, snap — say, first get her, and then Express their opinion. At first, the statement that we Buzova one person annoyed me, but then I started to respond to them safely. To Ola I, too, am neutral, the only thing I do not like “House-2″, but… Everyone chooses the work himself,” — said Anastasia in an interview with StarHit.

According to Golovanova, fans of “House-2” sometimes not mince words and write her a nasty message. “I could close the page, but what’s the point? They will still be added, and as I understand, they subscribe because they want me to read, or the fact that I “sister” Olga?” — angry Anastasia.

Meanwhile, Olga Buzova debuted on the Big Love Show in Moscow. The presenter came on stage in a truly Royal attire — Olga appeared in the form of the Queen of Egypt. The applause and cheers of His fans performed two — and only — their hit “the sounds of kissing” and “Used”.

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