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Blogger laugh ridiculous experiment with tires and soda

Блогер насмешил нелепым экспериментом с шинами и газировкой	The result was interesting.

It is time to publish an encyclopedia with description of all experiments with wheels of cars: they poured the concrete, they were made from molded toilet paper, and more. But this seems to be: bloggers are glued inside the tyre a few dozen Mentos candies and then filled the can with carbonated drink.

As a result of chemical reactions the tire pressure started to rise, after which first reached 0,62 bar, then after a little agitation, the pressure was increased to 0.65 seconds.

And after the wheel is installed on the car and drove at speeds under 100 km/h, the pressure in the tires has risen to almost 1.8 bar.

In General, if you have a flat tire, you know what to do.

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