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Blockade of Donbass: footage conflict with police. Video

Блокада Донбасса: кадры конфликта с полицией. ВидеоThe parties to the conflict accuse each other.

After a conflict at a checkpoint in the Donetsk region Bakhmut MP semen Semenchenko has accused security forces in the use of force and posted a video of the conflict.

“This 3 minute video briefly shows all the lawlessness, cynicism and cruelty of the actions of corrupt businessmen adhesions in the blood and the government betrayed his people. This is all I have time to do the guys for the night,” he writes in the commentary. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The head of the police Donetsk oblast Vyacheslav Abroskin believes that the blockade occurs with disorders, and participants called “controllers with a Drin and Balaclava”.

The promised last video today. Now the connection is interrupted. All I wanted – I wrote in a previous post. What is interesting in this video? Yes, so anything. In the end, what is MP? Shit on a stick. It is not a pity, and in General – they are all assholes. I do not argue, all right. Just remember. If little green men allow you to behave with the Ukrainian people’s Deputy, d and even on the camera, the fact that they allow themselves when meeting with you? With those who have no mandate for anyone not watching the camera and who are not party members. Just think about it. And think about how different are these, in green, who are trying to obey the order of the chief and to release the bus with titusa and weapons without verification from those who at the inactivity of the chief in the 14th captured our Ukrainian Crimea.

I do basically everything. Good night and good luck.

Tomorrow I will be in touch.

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