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Bloating: main causes and prevention methods

Вздутие живота: основные причины и способы профилактикиHow to avoid bloating

Many people believe that the only reason why sometimes bloating is the accumulation of fat, caused by poor diet or lack of physical activity.

However, there are other factors affecting the occurrence of such problems. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

For example, overconsumption of salt contributes to the fact that the fluid accumulates in body tissues, causing an inflammatory reaction.

This reaction occurs due to food intolerances, which cause digestive disorders and problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

As a result, we look better than they actually are, and we feel discomfort because of a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

Because it is important to know how to avoid this unpleasant and boleznennogo phenomenon.


Eat often, but small portions. Don’t overeat to satiety and don’t skip meals. Prefer moderate servings of a main dish and distribute your menu at five meals during the day.

Do not drink carbonated beverages. It is better to cook homemade natural fruit juices, soft drinks and tea.

Remember, to avoid dehydration, you should drink two liters of water a day.

Do not drink during meals.

Do not eat foods containing starch and protein products.

Refrain from excessive consumption of legumes, fatty foods, fruits and vegetables raw.

Limit consumption of products with a high content of ballast substances, especially fats.

“Sit down” at 2 bottom on the mono-diet. For example, eat all day only apples, the next day – only mashed potatoes or yogurt. After that, follow a proper diet.

Chew your food well. If you eat too fast and chew their food poorly, it can lead to indigestion due to the fact that the stomach gets too much air.

When we progesive food too quickly, then swallow it with air, and because of this, at risk of bloating.

To solve this problem, take at least 20 minutes at each main meal of the day. It is important to have enough time to slowly eat and chew food well.

Do not be distracted while eating to swallow food and is a big piece, chewed it well enough.

How to avoid bloating with fluid retention

Do not eat processed meat products with salt, bouillon cubes, salted chips, etc.

Eat foods low in salt.

Do not boil the vegetables in salted water.

Not perezalivat food.

Replace the cleansing salt sea or Himalayan. You can also try replacing it with spices like oregano, pepper and thyme.

Don’t forget to check product labels to calculate how much salt you get with them daily.

How to avoid bloating.

Eat dairy products: yogurt (without toppings), yogurt, etc.

How to avoid bloating before menstruation

Eat foods rich in vitamins B6 and E, magnesium and essential fatty acids.

Give up coffee, sugar and salt.

At least two times a day, drink green tea without sugar.

How to avoid bloating from dairy products

In order to prevent bloating by eating dairy products, it is better to replace them with more useful alternatives, such as vegetable milk.

And in order to provide the body with the necessary amount of calcium, you can add to your diet vegetables rich in this mineral.

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