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Blizzard remembered how to create the original StarCraft

В Blizzard вспомнили, как создавалась оригинальная StarCraftWizard Blizzard significantly worked on the game.

Exactly a month later (August 14) Blizzard Entertainment released the long-awaited re-release StarCraft: Remastered, which, according to developers, the improvement has been literally everything from the original except the immediate gameplay (after all, “you can’t improve on perfection”).

Of course, in honor so meaningful to the Studio and fans of Blizzard events could not remember how you did create the same StarCraft that almost twenty years after its release still remains one of the favorite games of millions of people worldwide.

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In the small video below, CEO Mike Morhaime (Mike Morhaime) colleagues talk about the old days, when the project was called “Orcs in space”. Running Warcraft II, the team decided to do something original, but all of a sudden had to show a prototype at one of the exhibitions, the result looked like a sci-Fi version of Warcraft. Then the wizard essentially Blizzard worked on the game, and in 1998-m to year users received a completely different strategy in real time.

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