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Blizzard makes another game in first person

Blizzard делает ещё одну игру от первого лицаFans, of course, already dreaming.

This year Blizzard Entertainment downright distinguished: not only that released the game in a completely new universe (for the first time in many years!), so also performed remarkably in the unexplored genre of multiplayer shooters! And it looks like the Studio is going to secure its success.

The official website of Blizzard appeared two vacancies of lead software engineer. One will deal with the engine, and the second tools. Both the potential employee will begin to create a unannounced project for a “healthy” engine with first person. A plus for candidates will experience over action.

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Fans, of course, already dreaming. Someone is waiting for the revival of StarCraft: Ghost — Thriller about Nova, which disappeared from radar in the first half of zero. And someone is hoping for a full-fledged campaign for Overwatch. The last theory is reinforced by the following fact: recently, Blizzard said that changed the backstory of the universe, which decided not to produce the graphic novel “First strike”. Like, now developers want to tell the story in a single game.

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