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Blizzard has released a trailer for the event “Premonition of a storm” for Overwatch

Blizzard выпустила трейлер события «Предчувствие бури» для Overwatch“Premonition of a storm” will be held from 16 April to 6 may.

Blizzard holds new seasonal event archives Overwatch, with which the developers reveal some of the plot developments from the world of the competitive shooter. A new joint task “Premonition of a storm” will start on April 16 and will send players to Cuba. To break through enemy barriers in the streets of Havana, playing for the Tracer, Winston, Genji or angel. The goal is to capture a high-ranking member of the criminal organization “the Claw”. Obviously, this mission will unveil a new map for multiplayer fights.

In Cuba there is something wrong: the family of Diaz, who founded the world-famous distillery “don Rembetiko”, lost it, despite the reluctance to sell – as a result of arson, the company has burned, and the family had to part with the assets for pennies. The distillery was rebuilt, but the recipe has changed, and replaced the smiling Basilio Diaz, pictured first on the label, came with a cool metal sheen.

Changes were made and the Fort of Havana, the historical sites, for many centuries under the protection of the government of Cuba. Two years ago, he became a private property of the same group that purchased the “don Rembetiko”. The Fort, like the distillery, is simply not to know. On the closed territory for the visit, walking patrol, and on top and then flying unknown whose helicopters. “Havana is changing, says Alicia díaz, a descendant of the founders of the distillery, sitting under a Billboard for “don Rembetiko” with a picture omnica. – Sometimes it feels like we lose part of ourselves. Although, maybe we have lost it”.

Event “Premonition of a storm” will continue in Overwatch until 6 may. As usual in such cases, players will find many new collectible items, including costumes, emotions, best moments of match and graffiti, along with more than a hundred items from the past.

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