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Blizzard don’t mind doing a map editor for Overwatch

Blizzard не против сделать редактор карт для OverwatchThe authors have not parted with the idea to release the map editor.

Blizzard Entertainment has already made a small step towards a custom creations in Overwatch: not so long ago the company introduced a browser games where you can fine-tune the rules of the match and practically create new modes. However, the authors do not leave the idea to release the map editor.

About it on the official forum said the head of the game, Jeff Kaplan (Jeff Kaplan). Blizzard employees supposedly all in favor of it, but prevent all sorts of nuances. For example, Overwatch is working on a completely new engine, so to build on it-based tools with an eye for the ordinary gamer is a difficult task. The developers believe in the power of user generated content, so the editor remains in the long term. But if he appears very soon, concludes Kaplan. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Although the inhabitants of Overwatch and so to eat than be engaged. After a few hours on all platforms will be the heroine of Orisa. Blizzard will have to enter it quite gently. The company wants gamers have properly studied the ability of the new robot tank, so it will first become available in the easy fast games, arcade your game, training against the AI and only after a week in the competitive mode.

Fresh patch 1.9 will make changes to the balance of the Bastion, who was recently turned into a death machine. After upgrading his passive ability “Battleship” in sentry mode will begin to absorb 35 % damage, but only 20 %.

But on the test server is already preparing the next update. Blizzard is going to redo much of a jumper. Bullets character will fly faster, sound therapy take place 50% more efficient, the running speed, the walls will rise by 30 %, and after the jump from the wall Lucio will get a small boost. That’s good news. The bad is that the range of the musical “buffs” save from 30 meters to 10, and the radius of the “ultra” — from 30 to 20.

In the same patch will change the rules of the competition regime, so as to almost exclude the possibility of a draw, and added an additional pass for attacking on the first point cards “Eichenwald”.

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