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Blake lively spoke out against Hollywood standards of beauty

Блейк Лайвли выступила против голливудских стандартов красотыThe actress has criticised modern ideals of beauty.

Actress Blake lively is one of those women, which is the standard of femininity and beauty.

Her face often appears in advertising of cosmetic products, on the covers of glossy magazines. It turns out that it creates fashion trends and she opposes them.

In a recent interview Blake lively spoke negatively about what standards of beauty are trying to present the world of show-business people. She says people see a beautiful picture.

We do have unrealistic standards of beauty. What you see on red carpets and in magazines, requires the efforts of many professionals. People don’t understand that all very well thought out. Little girls don’t know what kind of celebrity you start your morning, although it is no less beautiful said Blake lively.

This topic Blake lively has affected their children. She wants her girls properly appreciated the reality. Knew that standards of beauty are very far-fetched.

I began to wonder, who grown up daughters, looking at all this. It is important that they know – they show an unreal life. They see me with hair and makeup, and without. I want them to see both sides, because there is not only one – said Blake lively.

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