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Blake Crouch in Russia: dates, passwords, secret

We have already reported that in April in Moscow and St. Petersburg will welcome the American writer Blake Crouch, the author of the trilogy the Pines (Wayward Pines) – the same one that was made into the eponymous TV series. “Zone Horror” became known details about the meetings with readers. Dates, times, addresses of shops. To communicate with the author will be in this environment. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Crouch opens his mini-tour of the Russian capital on 5 April. On this day in Moscow will host presentation of a new novel by the author of “the Wasteland. The house of fear” (Desert Places). It opens the cycle of the writer Andrew Thomas. The book was published in Eksmo publishing house, in a personal series Crouch “Anywhere in the City. Knobloch”. Circulation is decent at present 9,000 copies.

Word to publishers:

Once in the country house of Andrew Thomas, the famous writer of thrillers, it’s a strange letter, which begins with the words: “hi! On your land buried the corpse, covered with your blood…” Then followed a detailed description of where the remains are female and that it is necessary to make sure that the information hadn’t gone to the police. Namely, to call the phone number written on the paper in the pocket of the murdered…
“Heath. The house of fear” — an elaborate novel in which every detail of the narrative is drawn so carefully that it creates a sense of total immersion in the plot. The book grasps your attention from the first page, and it happens not only thanks to the unusually bright and original stories, but also because of the frightening plausibility just described. The author tells about the events in the life of the protagonist so that they begin to believe: this is not just possible, but it may happen to each person. Sinister psychological puzzle, always feeling the presence of someone invisible watching over the hero, intense scenes, forcing the heart to beat stronger, all of this new novel by Blake Crouch.

The first meeting with Crucem (5 April) will be held in the bookstore “Read town” at the address: Moscow, Kievskaya, Kiev railway station square., 2 , TRTS “European”. The event starts at 19:00.

The next day, April 6, Crouch will appear in front of Metropolitan readers in the store “Moscow” (street Tver, d. 8, korp.1) Start 19:00. The Petersburg fans of the author should release PM April 9 and 10. A full schedule of meetings Blake Crouch with readers looking at the website deadline.

“Zone Horror” is planning to drop in at one of the meetings and break out report about the event with photos and all. We might even be able to ask Crouch a few questions. So if you wanted to ask something to the author, share in the comments. If possible, re-address the questions Crouch.

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