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Black pepper helps to lose weight

Черный перец помогает похудетьLet’s look at how black pepper helps to lose weight.

Substance in black pepper that causes one to sneeze, also helps to maintain a slim figure.

If the assumptions of scholars regarding the effect of black pepper on the figure is confirmed, it could be a new natural tool to fight overweight and obesity. Hope the researchers from Seoul.

“Our findings suggest that piperine, an important component of black pepper, inhibits the development of fat cells. This gives hope for its use in the treatment of patients with diseases associated with overweight,” said they.

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Useful properties of black pepper have long been known. The plant and extract from it the spice is used in medicine of the East against cholera, diarrhea and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Despite this, the mechanism of action of black pepper on the body is little known.

The study of the Korean experts studied the influence of piperine on genes responsible for cell development fat. The results showed that piperine acts on these genes. This property of black pepper gives rise to a chain reaction that helps to restrain the formation of fat.

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“Overall, we believe that piperine is a potentially effective natural treatment for obesity-related health problems”, – concluded the researchers.

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