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Black magic of ballet in a new excerpt from the film SUSPIRIA

This year we’ve seen some truly original and powerful author of horror – “Reincarnation” and “Mandy” many do consider the best movies of 2018. But hang on with the distribution of titles, because at the end of November in the Russian rolling out “Suspiria” (Suspiria) – shot by the talented Director Luke Guadagnino a remake of the cult picture of another, more famous, Italian.

And now there is no doubt that this movie will be copyrighted in the best sense of the word: a striking and original visual, powerful atmosphere whipped the audience already from the trailers and excerpts. Moreover, even if the frame is not anything unusual, we still literally skin feel the tension that fills all in this film. Here and new passage is this: the heroine Dakota Johnson is kind of like losing a kind of entrance exam to the ballet school, but for some reason (one Guadagnino probably knows how he manages to achieve a similar effect) it looks just creepy.

Recall synopsis:

The girl, Susie, who comes to learn dance skills in ballet school, gradually discovers that behind the doors of respectable institutions there is something mysterious… the school became the place for a coven of witches.

PySy: For the tip on the video thanks to denizen memory at the Pedestrian.

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