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Black Friday: when Ukrainians to wait for massive sales

Черная пятница: когда украинцам ждать массовых распродажBlack Friday falls on the 23rd.

Black Friday or Black Friday, this event, which in some countries people expect more than Christmas, because on this day, stores cut prices 50% to 80%. Its history is connected with the thanksgiving celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November, after which starts black Friday, opening the season of Christmas discounts.

Began the tradition in 1966, and mostly her date floats between 23 and 29 November. In the current year in Ukraine black Friday falls on the 23rd.

It’s interesting that in some stores the time count starts from 00:01, so in many countries long before midnight in front of shop Windows lined up huge queues. And after it strikes 12 midnight, the most famous sites of the networks could simply “go” because of the number of orders.

Unfortunately, the Ukrainian sellers, though trying every year to support the worldwide tradition, but while at them it turns out not very well. In the best case price is reduced by 15-25%, and about more yet to do.

However, 23 Nov should take a look at some of the local shopping malls on the way home – suddenly, you’re lucky. If you want to get the same discounts, it’s best to pay attention to online shopping, especially Western, where you can buy things at half the price.

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