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“Black Friday” in Ukraine: how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud

«Черная пятница»  в Украине: как не стать жертвой мошенниковDay “X” – 24th November.

Before the start of Black Friday left quite a bit. We will talk about the origin of this day, about where to find discounts in Ukraine, and also about how not to fall for tricks fraudsters.


This day begins the history of the United States of America. It falls on the day after thanksgiving In the United States. Custom for arranging the sales on this day was formed in the 19th century, and the term in 1966. On Black Friday buyers strive to purchase as many goods at a discount, merchants to sell more items trade.

The term first appeared in one of America’s oldest cities Philadelphia and designated heavy traffic on the roads on Friday after a day of “eating Turkey”.

Nowadays, however, the interpretation of this term in the English language more. It is associated with the phrase “in the black” (“positive balance”), implying that most sellers earn well in this day.

During the opening of stores in the United States begin a serious zavoruhi. Every person to strive to “pull” this or that thing at a bargain price. But after such skirmishes, there are Americans who do not go to the cashier and go to a medical facility.

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In our country, Black Friday gives your start tomorrow, November 24 at 00:01.

What products in Ukraine you can buy on this day

In our country, Black Friday does not cause such a stir in Western countries. We have fully equipped shops can’t afford large discounts because of the high fees, purchase price, and due to the lack of official service centers of service. So the mobile phone of the latest model at a discount are unlikely to can be purchased. Our stores can afford to reduce the prices of goods high by 10-15%.

But with clothes, cosmetics and other goods for the house, things are much better. Citizens of Ukraine have a chance in the day to purchase these items at cost.

Internet stores also huge discounts.

How not to get on Black Friday for tricks fraudsters

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But it is worth remembering that in this day of scams more likely to deceive you. On Black Friday, many sellers under the guise of quality products you sell. They hope that people in turmoil are not carefully check the goods. Rush hour picked up a few rules, how not to fall for fraudulent schemes.

1. The most important thing is to decide on web sites which you really trust (well-known brands, sites that have already ordered products your friends and family).

2. Without the need not to go to suspicious advertising posts on unknown sites. You must also be cautious when opening links and messages from strangers on social networks.

3. Not on unknown sites to enter the data cards, which you can deny all the money before you have time to block the card.

Excluding these cons, then Black Friday is a great chance to make a profitable purchase.

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