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Birthday GearBest: afterparty and gadgets from $1

This year the online shop GearBest was three years old, and this important date for him, he decided to celebrate with a scale, arranging the whole extravaganza of promotions and sales, which could take part everyone. But any significant event is not complete without the after party, and birthday GearBest is no exception.

March 20 at 5 o’clock in the morning Moscow time kicks off the after party, in which you can buy useful devices for the price of just $0.99. For example, it can be compact thermometer LCD screen, which will show not only room temperature but also the humidity level. Or you can buy a universal charger for rechargeable batteries, which will be useful in nature. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In a separate category of “All for $2.99” you will find much of interest, for example, a compact led flashlight half the size of a ballpoint pen that you can use to search for something in the car. And for those who have a lot of equipment and, consequently, the wires from it, use a special magnetic organizer that will help to clean up the cables.

Raise the rate to $5,99 and you’ll find for the price still a whole lot being wanted: car air purifier. This device is inserted into the cigarette lighter and allows you, being in the cabin, to breathe clean air, free from odors and dust. The same $5,99 you can give, and for Bluetooth headphones B330 for your player or smartphone that can also work as a headset for calls. Made in white they have a special button to adjust the volume of music and the adoption or rejection of the call. If you have a motorcycle, we will pay $6 and get a special charger WUPP-01, which is mounted on the wheel and opens new opportunities. In the case of this device has a built-in USB port for charging and a standard car cigarette lighter, allowing you to use the motorcycle accessories from the car.

For $7.99 GearBest will offer you a universal controller UKB-500-RF, which is both a mouse and keyboard. The same price is set on the DVR F198B with video recording at 640×480 pixels and night vision, FM-transmitter BC06S for vehicles, in which there is no support for memory cards and flash drives, and a number of other gadgets.

Special attention is given mini-campaign “Get additive”, held in the afterparty. The conditions are simple: you have to order at GearBest for $60 and receive a gift of a useful device, whose price is outside of this promotion is reduced to $3,33. This can be in particular headphones for iPods and smartphones KZ EDR2 with a cable length of 1.2 meters, bike computer SunDing SD-568AE 23 mounted on the steering wheel, led Desk lamp with touch control and built-in battery and such a useful household device, such as compact electric brush with different attachments, which can be used to clean almost any surface.

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