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Biologists have discovered a natural protection against mosquitoes

Биологи обнаружили естественную защиту от комаров  The discovery was made by scientists from the US and the UK.

Biologists have discovered that certain chemical compounds, which allocates Xenorhabdus parasite that live in the stomach of worms-nematodes, repel mosquitoes.

It proved to be even stronger than the same substance that was found by scientists and synthesized before. Later, the researchers intend to separate the other substances in the “negative” of the faction and find out they have a complex effect or may act separately. In addition, substances are examined for toxicity.

If you find that they are not dangerous, they can be used as a repellent.

Earlier it was reported that scientists found the genes that allow us to understand what people prefer mosquitoes. The staff of the British branch of Pfizer, in Cambridge studied the genomes of 84 thousand volunteers. and how to the bites react their body.

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