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Biological additives effect on health

Биологические добавки влияют на здоровье Experts have identified the discrepancy in chemical composition.

Many consumers do not know the true composition of dietary supplements, and often this affects their overall health.

Scientists conducted studies involving food supplements, where the labels were given only herbs and vitamins. It turned out that most manufacturers simply don’t write in the instructions about the experimental chemicals or mixtures, and thus endanger the life and health of the patient.

Research staff called the new danger food additives, which is not only in ignorance of the composition of the drug, but also its excessive use. Mostly, women who want to lose weight, quite often come across “on the hook” to enterprising sellers of dietary Supplements and later become victims of serious health problems.

Banned substances found in food additives, can cause health deterioration and decreasing activity, as they contain sedatives. Out of 750 stated dietary supplements have been recalled around 48%. Many of them contained sildenafil, increasing sexual desire. Other substances include stimulants, anabolic agents and tools for weight loss.

Experts recommend not to use the funds to “fast” achieve results and above all to consult with the doctor.

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