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Billionaire plans to carry tourists into space

Миллиардер планирует возить туристов в космосMissile company of Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos Blue Origin plans to charge passengers about $200-300 thousand for the first flight into space next year.

The ticket price for the vehicle New Shepard interested potential customers and competitors Blue Origin, trying to understand will the company provide sufficient demand for space travel and to make a profit.

One of the employees for Blue Origin, said the company will begin to sell tickets at the price of approximately $200-300 thousand. The other is that the minimum price per ticket is $200 thousand. Both spoke on condition of anonymity as the information about pricing policy of the company is confidential.

New Shepard is a ship that can carry six passengers to a height of more than 100 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.

This is enough to tourists for several minutes could feel the weightlessness and enjoy the planet.

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