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Billion Yahoo was sold for 300 thousand dollars

Миллиард аккаунтов Yahoo продали за 300 тысяч долларовHackers sold the data users of Yahoo very inexpensive.

In August last year for 300 thousand dollars was sold a database of a billion users Yahoo.

As reported by the specialist on cyber security from the firm InfoArmor Andrey Komarov, the sellers were a group of hackers based in Eastern Europe.

Thus, a total of over 300 thousand dollars three customers, including two well-known spammer, had the opportunity to destroy the online life of hundreds of millions of people. The cost of one account, was only three hundredths of a cent.

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Komarov also said that data on more than 150 thousand officials and the US military were in this list. This means that hackers can be positioned to attack those users that are associated with the national security of the United States.

We will add that after the message about the data breach, the company Verizon Communications Inc. looking for an opportunity either to abandon the deal to buy Yahoo, or modify the contract by reducing to a billion previously proposed amount of $4.83 billion.

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“As we reported, we continue to assess the situation at the time, as Yahoo does the same thing. We analyze the influence factor of break-in before making final conclusions,” the statement says Verizon.

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