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Bill Skarsgard and Mike Monroe will star in the Comedy Thriller “Villains”

And it could be a lethal Duo.

Bill Skarsgard, who played Pennywise in the horror hit “It”, combined with Mike Monroe, the leading lady in one of the best horror films of recent years – “It’s after you”. It will happen on the set of paintings called “Villains” (Villains), and we have some information about the project.

The film is described as a darkly comedic Thriller. In the center of the plot – a pair of criminals-lovers who broke into a country house. There they open a dark mystery that very much want to keep two sadistic homeowners. And these people will do anything to keep their secret no one else knew.

In General, originality short synopsis is not amazing, but something in this story is. And home invasion, and humor, and sadistic that sounds good. The dancing clown endorses. By the way, the scenario of the “Villains” were in the Black list of 2016, which is also an indicator. The authors – Dan Berk and Robert Olsen – himself will turn the script into a movie. These two have worked together as Directors they scored the short film “Dispatch” and “Body” (2015) and “the land of the vampires 2”. Frankly, not the most outstanding track record, but if Directors-writers managed to lure to the project Skarsgard and Monroe, then it’s certainly worth paying attention to.

While there is no information on the date of commencement of filming or the rest of the cast, but we will closely monitor the situation.

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