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Bill Moseley recalls his role in “Texas chainsaw massacre 2”

In recent days we have often talked about the cult film “Texas chainsaw massacre” in 1974 and its sequel, filmed in 1986. These two tapes represent the original film series directed by Tobe Hooper.

Last week we learned that the band parodied a scene from “Texas chainsaw massacre”, and yesterday appeared the figure of a Companion of the same picture. In addition, on August 22 the film “the Texas chainsaw massacre 2” turned 31. It is for this reason decided to speak out actor bill Moseley, for whom the role of Chop-Top was one of the first and still perhaps the most outstanding.

Here’s what he wrote yesterday on his page on Facebook:

Wait a minute, for 31 years since then, how come the “Texas chainsaw massacre”2?! It is not too long for the redwoods, but it’s more of life for people like me (lyrics older brothers Moseley). Don’t think I’m going to thank for TRB 2 Academy, but I’m most grateful for is the Director to the Tobe Hooper because he gave me chance after watching a 20-second cameo in my 5-minute film, “Texas chainsaw manicure”; and my old classmate Peter S. Simena for the fact that he drove the said video in the office of Touba in Paramount Pictures of that fateful day in 1984; great to ed Neal for his memorable psychotic performance in the role of the Hitchhiker in the original “Texas chainsaw massacre”, and pointed me in the direction to create the image Platinovogo; also the great L. M. kit Carson for a really crazy (though unfinished) the script; the Canon Films for what they paid me an additional $ 5,000 (at that time a great success. However, as of now), so I shaved my head for the imposition of the prosthesis, made by the King of Splatter, my good friend Tom Savini and his merry band of psycho-primerov, Gino Crognale, John Vulic (RIP), Sean McEnroe, Gabe Bartalos, Bart Mixon And Mitch Devan; my colleagues bill Johnson, who played the emotional suffering from unrequited love leatherface; Carolyn Williams, whose heart-rending cries and short shorts were as much impressive and inspiring how much on the set; departed from us, but the great Jim Sidow, aka Drayton Sawyer, who became a great friend both on the set and outside it (by the way, guys, Drayton — elder brother, not the father!). Finally, Chop-Top, who lives with me to this day and without which I would not be able to refuel for free (at least in Oregon)! Dog will hunt!

Hell, it’s quite touching, huh?

By the way, if you do not realize the last sentence is a quote from the movie. In a Russian voice the phrase translated as “Good hunting! Urine that bitch, Leather face!”. Yeah, kind of. But despite that it was a great scene. Actually, I think, in the TRB 2 is the juice contained in the beginning. First, the shock of Prolog, and secondly, the emergence of Chop-Top the radio station. In fact, Moseley plays the same character, and ed Neal in the first part, but bill’s the villain came out a different grotesque and disgusting. And it was also cool! Creepy makeup, teeth, a plate in his head, which itches boiling brain! Remember this scratcher for the brain? A passion for eating your own pus? The overt sadism and fascination with hippie culture? Really disgusting, controversial and yet chic way!

Well, there is reason to revisit the classics. And prepare for a new film, of course, because the prequel “the Texas chainsaw massacre: leatherface” will be released September 21!

And by the way, the writer of “Leather face” thinking about movies about Chop-Top and grandpa Sawyer!

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