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Bill gates invested a large sum of money in a “waterless” toilet

Билл Гейтс вложил крупную сумму денег в "безводный" унитазThe General Director of Corporation Microsoft bill gates has invested 710 thousand dollars in the development of specialists from the University of Cranfield.

Experts have created a toilet that operates without water, and called it nanomembrane.

“The toilet of the future has developed for poor countries where there are problems with water supply. This creation will experience in Africa to prove its ability to save valuable resource,” writes Business Insider.

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The principle of operation of the toilet is quite complex. His bowl rotates 270 degrees and drops the contents into the tank, and a scraper removes the residue content.

Next nanofibers move water vapor that is part of the liquid waste of the body, in the vertical pipe behind the toilet. This water is clean enough for watering flowers or washing.

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Solid waste goes into a separate chamber where covered with wax to eliminate odor and dry up. Once a week a technician will pick up waste and, if necessary, change the batteries.

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