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Big CONTEST horror scenarios started!

As expected, the second annual screenplay competition was launched. You know how in a horror/Thriller? Try your strength! All the details and all the necessary links – on. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Studio “10/09” and producer Vladislav Severtsev (“Bride,” “the Queen of spades: Black rite”), a media network of Web of Horror and platform IWantFilm announce the Second Annual Screenwriting Competition Horror.

Selection applications are accepted and ready-made scripts of films and television series in the genres of “mystery, horror, fantasy.”

The competition will be held in several stages:

1. Accepting applications (up to 3 thousand characters) will be held from July 2 to August 17, 2018.

2. In the period from 1 to 6 September 2018 will be announced the winners of the 1st stage of the competition (short list). With them the meeting will be held where producers and writers will discuss the application and the writers will receive recommendations for improvements.

3. In the period from 6 to 30 September , the authors of the short-list will be required to provide extended synopsis (4-6 pages) of their applications.

4. 15 Oct 2018 to be announced the winners.

Apply for the contest can any author over the age of 18 years, regardless of education and citizenship.

Expert Department of the film Studio “10/09” and editors network media Horror Web (editor-in-chief of the Zone Horror Parfenov M. S. and editor-in-chief Russo Rosso Denis Saltykov) will read all texts submitted by participants for the contest to October 15, 2018 will be determined with the finalists.

Prizes — 3 (three).

Studio “10/09” to conclude contracts for the development of scenarios with the winners of the contest. Scenarios will be launched, subject to their completion wishes of the producers.

Applications FREE


Video message from the producer studios Vladislav Severtsev to a participant in the Second Contest of Horror, see the link.

The First Annual Screenwriting Competition Horror platform IWantFilm was selected the project of a feature film “Dawn”, which will be launched this summer. Interview with the winner and the author of the script of the film Jevgenijs Koledintseva:

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