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Biathlon: Ukrainian women took fourth place in the relay at the world Cup in Antholz

Биатлон: украинки заняли четвертое место в эстафете на этапе в АнтхольцеWomen’s team of Ukraine biathlon in the experimental part to the last fought for a medal at the world Cup stage in Antholz.

At the first stage it became clear that Ukraine is waiting for a tough race – Yulia Zhuravok, though, and took to shooting only one additional cartridge, finished one minute and nine seconds. Ukrainian course ran at the level of the athletes from South Korea.

Save the medal chances took Yulia Jim, and the leader of the team brilliantly ran its own stage. Perfect shooting and the second speed on the track – with that, Jim lifted Ukraine to a sixth place, having played on its stage, 15.

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Semerenko Valj first ran the baton back. The leader of the team on the shooting made two mistakes, and the progress showed the second result. Ukraine has moved into third place – the closest rival Anastasiya Merkushyna were ahead by 13 seconds.

Unfortunately, this gap was not enough to keep the prize. Merkushina very worthy ran her leg, but two penalties in the prone was clearly unnecessary. On the last lap Anastasia tried to catch hold of the star Dorothea wierer, but the Italian was stronger than expected.

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Antholz. Women. The results of the relay:

1. Germany (Hinz, Hammersmith, Hildebrand, Dahlmeier, 0+12) 1:09:12.4
2. France (Chevalier, Breza, Laura, Dorin Habert, 0+8) +24.2
3. Italy (Vittozzi, Sanfilippo, Runggaldier, Wierer, 0+9) +33.4
4. Ukraine (Zhuravok, Jim, Semerenko, Merkushina, 0+6) +37.5
5. Russia (0+5) +1:16.0

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