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Biathlon. The Italian Wearer for the first time won the Big crystal globe

Биатлон. Итальянка Вирер впервые завоевала Большой хрустальный глобусItalian biathlete Dorothea Wierer won the overall world Cup 2018-2019.

Before the final mass start of the season in Holmenkollen competition Wearer in the fight for the Big crystal globe was Lisa Vittozzi and Anastasiya Kuzmina. Wierer was enough to get into the top 6 to not depend on the results of rivals.

A full-fledged fight for the world Cup was not, Vittozzi already at the first shooting went for three penalties, and Kuzmina had two penalties. In the second prone Wearer had three targets, but Kuzmin and Vittozzi continued to smear. In the end, Kuzmin rounded out the top 10, and Vittozzi ahead of Wierer only one position, which was not enough to snatch the world Cup from the hands of compatriots.

The main character of the final race of the season was Hanna öberg is a Swedish on the last lap repulsed the attack of Tiril Eckhoff and Claire Egan and for the first time won the individual race at the world Cup. Öberg also won the Small crystal globe in the standings before the mass starts.

World Cup 2018-2019. Holmenkollen. The results of the mass start:

1. Hanna Öberg (Sweden, 0+0+1+1) 35:56,2
2. Tiril Eckhoff (Norway, 0+0+2+1) +1,3
3. Clare Egan (USA, 0+0+0+1) +10,4

10. Anastasia Kuzmina (Slovakia, 2+1+1+2) +1:04,1
11. Lisa Vittozzi (Italy, 3+2+0+0) +1:06,3
12. Dorothea Wierer (Italy, 0+3+1+1) +1:11,0

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