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Biathlon. The Germans won the relay in Ruhpolding, Ukraine to step away from the podium

Биатлон. Немки выиграли эстафету в Рупольдинге, Украина в шаге от подиумаWomen’s team of Ukraine biathlon won the fourth place at the world Cup in Ruhpolding.

The start-up phase, the efforts of Makarainen with an 18-second lead over their closest opponents in the expected won Finland. Irina Varvynets on the shooting worked without extra ammo, but the race lost 35 seconds and passed the baton to Julia Jim only in tenth position.

In the second stage of Jim, despite the two extra rounds, has returned to Ukraine in the lead group. Excellent speed on the track allowed from Kiev to complete his part of the race in third position with only vosmitonny behind to seize the leadership of the German national team.

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Anastasiya Merkushyna your stage worked beyond praise. A young Ukrainian woman did not flinch under the onslaught of the more experienced Preuss, Eckhoff and Darya.
Merkushina on shooting without additional rounds, due to what passed the baton in second place! Before the final leg of the torch relay was in the lead of the Norwegians. Five teams were located in a 15 second interval – the fight for victory began.

So, the victory in Ruhpolding had to play Ukraine (Olena Pidhrushna), Norway (ASBU), France (Amonia), Italy (Gauthier) and Germany (Dallmeier). After standing leadership saved Norway, Olena Pidhrushna picked up the cartridge and went to the third circle. From the fight for podium place fell to the Italian.

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At the front Olsby worked quickly and accurately – the Norwegian ran at the last round with a 10-second lead over Dallmeier. Pidhrushna and Amonia had to play the third place.

On the final lap Dallmeier no problem get Olsby and headed towards a predictable victory. Norwegian in the last meters missed Amonia. Alas, Pidhrushna was not enough a few tens of meters to get the podium. The unfortunate fourth place…

Ruhpolding. Women. The results of the relay:

1. Germany (0+6) 1:09:53.0
2. France (0+7) +3.5
3. Norway (0+1) +4.5
4. Ukraine (0+3) +8.8
5. Italy (0+6) +1:51.5

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