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Biathlon. M. Fourcade takes the sprint in Pokljuka

Биатлон. М.Фуркад забирает спринт в ПоклюкеFrench biathlete Martin Fourcade claimed his third win in four world Cup races 2016-2017.

Fourcade is worked both shooting stages – after the Frenchman stands for 0.5 seconds behind Johannes Thinges Be, but on the last lap, the reigning winner of the world Cup with ease not just ahead of its Norwegian duelist, but also brought the fact to the finish line almost a quarter of a minute.

In one leg, with Fourcade last round held Anton Shipulin, which allowed the Russians in the fight for bronze to circumvent Svendsen, Fillon-maillet, Clean and Bjoerndalen.

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The best among Ukrainians became Sergey Semenov, who shot in standing was prevented to fight for the top 10. Not enough Semenov and speed on the last lap – the native of the Chernigov ran away from the range with 16-year schedule, and at the finish showed only 25-th result.

Artem prima, with two penalties was in the top 40, Dmitry Pidruchny, admitting to the shooting range three misfires, will begin the pursuit 46th, Vitaly Kilchitsky rounded out the top 60, and Alexander Bold Cup in Pokljuka had already been completed.

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Pokljuka. Men. The results of the sprint:

1. Martin Fourcade (France, 0+0) 23:11.7
2. Tinges Johannes Bø (Norway, 0+0) +13.7
3. Anton Shipulin (Russia, 0+0) +15.1

25. Sergey Semenov (Ukraine, 0+1) +1:18.1
39. Pryma Artem (Ukraine, 1+1) +1:39.3
46. Pidruchnuy Dmytro (Ukraine, 1+2) +1:49.8
60. Vitaly Kilchitsky (Ukraine, 1+2) +2:13.6
81. Alexander Bold (Ukraine, 1+2) +2:58.9

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