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Biathlon: Laukkanen’s second victory in Holmenkollen

Биатлон: Лаукканен одержала вторую победу в ХолменколленеFinnish biathlete Mari Laukkanen in the pursuit race confirmed its yesterday’s sprint.

Laukkanen brilliantly worked three shooting stages – before the final shooting Finca for more than 30 seconds ahead of last year’s winner of the world Cup Gabriela Koukalova. Laukkanen could afford only one mistake – Marie limit is not crossed and headed towards his second win in his career.

Success today, as yesterday, Mari Laukkanen dedicated to the deceased coach of the Finnish shooting ASKO Nuutinen who at a stage in Kontiolahti suffered a stroke and was completely paralyzed.

Koukalova took second place, but it was not enough to win the Small crystal globe in pursuit. Laura dahlmeier broke from 31st to eighth place and did not allow the Czech to lay their hands on another valuable Cup.

Top 3, despite four misses on the shooting, was sixth, Justine, brez, yesterday confirmed his place in the sprint.

Yulia Jim in the pursuit progressed into two positions, allowing the inhabitant of Kiev in the individual world Cup standings to move into eighth place. Anastasiya Merkushyna and Olga Abramova in his last race were able to progress in the points area.

Holmenkollen. Women. Results pursuit:

1. Mari Laukkanen (Finland, 0+0+0+1) 29:33,3
2. Gabriela Soukalova (Czech Republic, 0+0+0+0) +26,5
3. Justine Breza (France, 1+1+0+2) +1:01,4

11. Julia Jim (Ukraine, 2+0+0+0) +1:57,3
36. Anastasiya Merkushyna (Ukraine, 0+0+0+1) +4:00,1
38. Olga Abramova (Ukraine, 0+0+1+1) +4:02,0

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