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Biathlon: German women won the relay in Pyeongchang, Ukraine – the seventh

Биатлон: немки выиграли эстафету в Пхенчхане, Украина – седьмаяWomen’s German national team on biathlon has extended its dominance in the relays.

In Pyeongchang the leading teams are unable to rely on its optimal lineups – Germany ran without Laura Dahlmeier, the French could not help Marie Dorin-habert, and Ukraine due to the illness lost finisher Elena Pidgrushnoy.

The lack of undisputed leader of the world Cup did not prevent Germany to get a fifth consecutive victory and to win the overall relay Cup. To interrupt the hegemony of the Germans could the French, but at the last stage Emonie, shooting simultaneously with Hildebrand, went to two penalties and opened Germany’s way to victory. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The efforts of Ukraine Iryna varvynets and Yulia Jima in the first half of the race was in the leading group, but a weak stage from Valj Semerenko had dashed hopes for a medal. On the last leg of the relay-Anastasia Merkushyna, the miracle did not commit – only the seventh place.

Despite the bad performance in South Korea, the Ukrainian team in the relay Cup was ranked third, behind only stable teams of Germany and France.

Pyeongchang-gun. Women. The results of the relay:

1. Germany (1+7) 1:07.35.6
2. Norway (1+11) +22.8
3. Czech Republic (1+9) +22.9
4. Sweden (0+7) +23.0
5. Italy (0+11) +25.9
6. France (2+12) +1:18.8
7. Ukraine (0+9) +1:27.2
8. Canada (0+7) +1:34.0

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