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Biathlon: Dallmeier – the winner of the mass start at the world Cup

Биатлон: Дальмайер – победительница масс-старта на чемпионате мираGerman biathlete Laura dahlmeier staged a spectacular end to his dominant performance at the world Championships in Hochfilzen (Austria).

His fifth gold at the Austrian world championship Dallmeier took due to the perfect shooting and great finish circle. After the final shooting German ran into the distance with a small gap from the sensational Susan dunklee – Dallmeier expected bypassed the American and headed toward his seventh victory at the world Championships.

The leader of the national team of Ukraine Yulia Jim on the last lap ran third. Unfortunately, the course of Kiev could not compete with jet Kaisa Mäkäräinen, which has used its last chance and has won in Hochfilzen, the world Cup medal.

Jim, conceding Koukalova and Gregorin finished sixth, which allowed Yulia to three points to reduce the backlog from Russians Tatiana Akimova, occupying tenth place in the individual standings of the world Cup.

Anastasiya Merkushyna finished the world Cup another decent race – the citizen of Sumy with one penalty on the shooting finished 14th.

Championship of the world. Hochfilzen. Women. The results of the mass start:

1. Laura Dallmeier (Germany, 0+0+0+0) 33:13.8
2. Susan dunklee (USA, 0+0+0+0) +4.6
3. Kaisa Mäkäräinen (Finland, 1+0+0+0) +20,1
4. Gabriela Soukalova (Czech Republic, 0+0+0+1) +24,0
5. Teja Gregorin (Slovenia, 0+1+0+0) +24,2
6. Julia Jim (Ukraine, 0+1+0+0) +24.4

14. Anastasiya Merkushyna (Ukraine, 1+0+0+0) +1:28.7

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