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Biathlon: Dallmeier takes the individual race in Ostersund

Биатлон: Дальмайер берет индивидуалку в ЭстерсундеGerman biathlete Laura dahlmeier won the first personal race of the world Cup season 2016-2017.

Dallmeier started second and managed to avoid critical wind gusts. With two penalties on the shooting range and great speed German scored his eighth personal victory in his career and for the first time won the individual race.

To thwart the triumph of the Dallmeier was able Bescond anais, but the French at the last shooting range are unable to avoid mistakes, but in the final round lost to the opponent more than 20 seconds.

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The three leaders sensationally closed Darya Yurkevich – Belarusian in difficult weather conditions were able to demonstrate outstanding shooting skills. Although speed jurkiewicz did not Shine, by working on the range Daria managed to bring Belarus first medal.

Among Ukrainians suddenly became the best young Yuliya Zhuravok who committed just two penalties on the shooting range. In the top-20 finished Olena Pidhrushna and Yulia Jim, in the end zone race finished Iryna varvynets and Anastasiya Merkushyna.

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Ostersund. Women. Results individual race:

1. Laura Dallmeier (Germany, 0+0+1+1) 46:14.0
2. Anais Bescond (France, 0+0+0+1) +15.8
3. Darya Yurkevich (Belarus, 0+0+0+0) +1:17.3

11. Yuliya Zhuravok (Ukraine, 0+1+0+1) +3:33.7
13. Olena Pidhrushna (Ukraine, 0+3+1+0) +4:09.6
20. Julia Jim (Ukraine, 2+1+1+2) +4:26.2
34. Iryna Varvynets Of Ukraine (Ukraine, 0+3+0+1) +5:35.8
48. Anastasiya Merkushyna (Ukraine, 4+0+2+1) +7:05.4
66. Jan Bondar (Ukraine, 4+1+1+2) +8:19.9

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