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Biathlon. Dahlmeier won a second victory in Pokljuka

Биатлон. Дальмайер одержала вторую победу в ПоклюкеGerman biathlete Laura dahlmeier after the sprint showed the best result in the pursuit.

Women’s pursuit can be called one of the most intense races of the season – on the last small turn victory claimed 5-6 people, and most cold-blooded in the company became Dallmeier seemed to have lost control of the race after an unexpected dip in the second prone.

At the final firing to swing for the win tried Olsby, Dunkley, Hauser, Hildebrand and Makarainen, but each of these women have made one blunder. Dallmeier is ideally practiced at the shooting range and ran toward his next victory.

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Julia Jima in the case of accurate shooting on the last turn could drive a wedge in the fight for the podium, but from Kiev made two mistakes and were content with 11th position. Taking into account the 28th of the starting line the result is more than good, but it was a chance to compete for a place in the top 5…

Olena Pidhrushna brilliantly acted at the shooting range, but at a distance because of breathing problems lost Dallmeier two and a half minutes. Only 27-e a place. Yulia Zhuravok usual good shot and not ran from the points zone young hope Ukraine separated 15 seconds.

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Pokljuka. Women. Results pursuit:

1. Laura Dahlmeier (Germany, 0+2+0+0) 30:43.1
2. Kaisa Makarainen (Finland, 0+0+1+1) +16.8
3. Horchler Karolin (Czech Republic, 1+0+0+0) +18.7

11. Julia Jim (Ukraine, 0+0+0+2) +1:06.3
27. Olena Pidhrushna (Ukraine, 0+0+0+0) +1:51.8
44. Yuliya Zhuravok (Ukraine, 0+0+1+0) +2:59.4

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