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Bezviz for Ukraine: the Polish border guards expect growth of the movement

Безвиз для Украины: польские пограничники ожидают рост движенияPolish border guards are expecting 10% growth in traffic from the Ukraine.

In connection with the introduction on June 11 of a visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU on Polish-Ukrainian border will increase private traffic by about 10%.

This is stated in the answer of the border of the Republic of Poland.

“Visa border movement of Ukrainian citizens on the land border (with Poland. – Ed.) in 2016, approximately 10 million tourists. It is estimated that visa liberalisation will lead to growth of the passport traffic at approximately 10%,” – said the Polish border guards.

It is projected that as a result of visa liberalization will decrease the importance of Local border traffic.

“The scale of this movement will remain at the same level or reduced, more nearly 1/4 of people will take advantage of visa-free movement”,- noted Polish border guards.

It is reported that in 2016, 45% increase in border traffic at air border of the Polish-Ukrainian border. It is estimated that the upward trend of this movement will continue this year.

“There is also the growing interest of Ukrainian citizens to travel by rail and the development of a network of communications”,- noted in the Border service of Poland.

Simultaneously, the Polish border guards pay attention to the downward trend in overall border traffic on the Polish-Ukrainian border during the first few months of this year. In particular, there is a decrease of 3% of the total border traffic and, in particular, local border traffic – 20%. It is also reported about decrease of 7.2% interest to travel to Ukraine citizens of Poland.

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