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Bezoperatsionnye methods of treatment of kidney cancer

Безоперационные методы лечения рака почкиAlong with surgical operations in Israel for the removal of kidney tumors apply bezoperatsionnye methods – ablation and embolization. These procedures can be used if there are contraindications to surgery, as well as in combination with other treatments, including surgical.


Ablation of the tumor is the destruction of malignant tumors without surgical removal of tissue. To ablative techniques include:

● cryotherapy,
● radiofrequency interstitial thermotherapy (radiofrequency ablation),
● focused ultrasound of high intensity,
● microwave thermotherapy,
● laser photocoagulation.

Ablation is carried out during the open intervention, laparoscopy, retroperitoneoscopic operation or just percutaneous (separate procedure). As ablation of a kidney tumor remains a relatively new cancer treatment, scientists are not yet able to evaluate its effectiveness in the long term. It is believed that in patients undergoing ablation of the tumor, the disease will recur slightly more frequently compared with patients who underwent surgical excision.

However, ablation is a less invasive procedure compared with the nephrectomy, and the doctors often offer it to those patients for whom more extensive intervention is contraindicated. This method also allows you to save kidney function even in those cases, when inside the body there are multiple malignant neoplasms. Overall, ablation of the tumor is mainly offered to elderly patients and people with severe chronic diseases.


Безоперационные методы лечения рака почки

Embolization sometimes offer those patients who are unable to defer removal or ablation of the tumor. In some cases, embolization administered in the form of a Supplement to standard means of therapy, particularly when the tumor is bleeding heavily. This technique stops the bleeding and allows physicians to bring the patient back into a stable state before operation.

● The progress of the procedure

The procedure is performed under sedation. The doctor inserts a long, narrow catheter into a peripheral artery (e.g. in the groin) and passes it inside the renal artery. With the help of a catheter, the doctor fixes small particles of embolic material in the blood vessels of the kidney. These particles block the blood supply to tumors and thereby stop active bleeding. Moreover, the tumor does not get enough blood, eventually dying.

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