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Beyond Pluto found another planet

За Плутоном найдена еще одна планетаThe space object has a humorous name.

Scientists from the Carnegie Institute in Washington published a study which said that they were able to detect a new object, located beyond Pluto.

We already know that 2015 TG387 is at a distance of 80 astronomical units from the Sun, or about 12 billion kilometres. The space object has a playful name – Goblin, because of the letters TG in the official name.

The orbit of the new object as extended as Sedna – the sixth largest TRANS-Neptunian object. Astronomers believe that the Goblin was nowhere near large planets of the Solar system – Jupiter and Neptune – so that they have had on its orbit some noticeable gravitational influence.

2015 TG387 refers to isolated from the rest of the Solar System, making it an extremely interesting object to study. The analysis of this cosmic body will help to look at the outskirts of our Solar System, explained the study authors.

Astronomers noted that the Goblin is very similar to another dwarf planet – 2012 VP113, found in 2014. Due to this discovery, scientists were able to find a pattern in the nature of the motion of such a distant Solar system objects.

These data also helped to suggest the gravitational influence of an unknown planet, several times larger than the Earth. This hypothetical planet called Planet X. the mysterious Goblin also confirms this hypothesis.

We believe that such small bodies in the outer Solar system should be thousands, but the distance at which they are, makes their detection rather difficult. We can’t even see TG387 2015, when it is almost 99% of its orbit, concluded the researchers.

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