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Beware: in Kiev appeared fake, the utility

Будьте бдительны: в Киеве появились липовые коммунальщикиExperts advise to check the V to not be lazy and call-in service utilities.

Carefully, fake public utilities: gullible pensioners robbed by criminals posing as workers Zhekov. But cheaters can be recognized and belongings save. Pseudocommunity don’t wear clothing and choose entrances that is easy to get, as there is often not work the locks or intercoms.

Olesya saved from fraud in the old neighborhood. Unidentified public utilities tried to get into the apartment of the pensioner.

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“I saw a young man in the eye and heard that he requested a pension certificate from a neighbor, and immediately went behind him in the apartment. I started to ask questions – who are you, what are you why I come. The young man was confused, called only the name, then quickly disappeared,” – says Olesya.

The water utilities explain: spetsfarm have workers there, but after a month it will appear. In the case of officers have identities. And most importantly – about the checks warn for three days through the ads in the hallways. But scammers also can print them. And forged documents. Therefore, experts advise not to be lazy to call a service from which supposedly came the utility.

“We pass the entire list to our call center, dispatch and on the city’s call centre 1551, where people can call and ask whether the representative of Vodokanal”, – says Anna Slobodyanyuk, head of the information Department of “Kyivvodocanal.”

However, it is possible, and don’t have to call. Only you will inform your guests about your intentions and ask his name, he is likely to disappear.

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