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Between the Russian capture of Crimea and occupation of Donbas there is no difference, – Volker

Между российским захватом Крыма и оккупацией Донбасса разницы нет, - ВолкерIf Ukraine and the West will be able to make progress in Minsk, we must try to make progress everywhere – including the issue of Crimea.

There is no fundamental difference between the Russian seizure of the Crimean Peninsula and the occupation of the Donbass no. This was stated by the special envoy of the US state Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker.

The interviewer asked whether Walker with the approval of the leader of the German liberals, Christian Lindner, who believes that the question of Crimea to “freeze” until a suitable time.

“I would not agree with that. I believe that between the occupation of the Crimea and the Donbass there are no differences. However, in the case of Crimea, Russia has brought the claim to the annexation of the territory – that is, that Russia not only occupies it, but without permission and take away… on the other hand, the Minsk agreement apply only to Eastern Ukraine. And if we can make progress there, we should try to make progress everywhere. But I don’t think that progress on one issue should depend on progress in another,” – said the representative of the state Department.

Washington is not surprised that the Kremlin was nervous when Ukraine and the United States are again talking about the supply of American weapons to Kiev.

“The Russians were able to virtually no resistance to enter the territory of Ukraine, to capture part of it and to Annex Crimea. Of course, they are concerned that Ukraine can better defend yourself… it’s understandable that Ukrainians want to be able to better protect myself,” said Walker.

In the same interview, Walker said that the White house is not going to make any “private” deal with the Kremlin’s solution to the war in the Donbass, without engaging in negotiations of the Ukrainian authorities and the EU leadership.

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