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Between the mercenaries-Caucasians and Russians in the Donbas there was a fight

Между наемниками-кавказцами и россиянами на Донбассе возникла дракаSome fighters are injured, and one mercenary was in the hospital with a knife wound.

In the divisions of the militants of the terrorist organizations DNR/LNR, the cases of hatred on ethnic (inter-ethnic) grounds. About it reports head Department of the Ministry of defense in Facebook.

“On July 16 between the mercenaries of Caucasian nationality and Russians “1 separate motorized rifle brigade” (Kalmiuska) 1 AK there was a fight in which several people received injuries of varying severity, and one gunman taken to hospital with stab wounds,” – said in intelligence.

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In Gur added that among the militants of the terrorist organizations DNR/LNR spread dissatisfaction with the actions of the Russian command, which is primarily caused by yet another attempts to conceal involvement in the fighting citizens of the Russian Federation (no benefits) and levies cash collateral.

“So, the persons who were involved in combat actions against ATO forces in 2014, do not issue “certificate of the participant of military operations” to conceal the fact of their participation in the armed conflict in the temporarily occupied territories of Eastern Ukraine”, – stated in the message intelligence.

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Gur found that during inspection of divisions of fighters of the Commission of the territorial army Centre South IN the armed forces, the militants of “motorized rifle brigade” (Lugansk) handed over their own money on “recreation” members of the Commission.

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