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Better than coffee: ten foods that will invigorate you in the morning

Лучше, чем кофе: десять продуктов, которые взбодрят вас утромNutritionists suggested what foods have this property as an opportunity to “Wake up” the man and his body.

It turns out that in order for the intestine to work as a clock, and man it was easy to Wake up in the morning and get to work, you need to lean on certain foods that trigger the increase of energy reserves.

These products can be called the morning Wake up:

1. Chicken eggs. Any egg dish for Breakfast will bring maximum benefit to your health. The mass of nutrients and vitamins in eggs has a positive effect on the human body, saturating it with energy.

2. Sandwiches from whole wheat bread. Whole grains are carbohydrates that increase energy level and care about improving brain activity, so they must be consumed just in the morning.

3. Fresh citrus fruits. Vitamin C is not only a helper for the immune system, but also a powerful “alarm clock” for the digestive system and the brain.

4. Ginger drink is a perfect alternative to coffee, which every day is losing its position and is considered not so invigorating. But ginger root, on the contrary, lately we hear, because it is a natural product, rich in antioxidants and plenty of nutrients. Ginger drink gives a lot more energy to the body than coffee, and it burns fat and speeds up metabolism.

5. Lentils is a fantastic source of energy, which few people know. Few people have tried lentils, not to mention the fact, to lean on it every morning. A serving of lentils for Breakfast – before lunch you are full of strength and energy.

6. Chicken fillet with curry. Then all the merit lies on the shoulders of aromatic spices, which are cinnamon, cumin, and turmeric and many other spices. The fact that such a rich spice is a natural antioxidant, is able in one moment to cheer up even the most sleepy person.

7. A red fish. As we know, oily fish contain omega-3 fatty acid, which beneficially affect the functionality of the brain, improve blood circulation and thus give courage to the person.

8. Banana. Great sweet fruit for Breakfast. It has b vitamins and calcium. After consuming a banana you are not going to want to eat, and still feel energized.

9. Chocolate with a cocoa of 70%, that is bitter. This treat will give your body with iron and magnesium, so the energy level will increase significantly for a couple of minutes.

10. Raw almonds. In the nuts contain healthy fats and protein. Plus, the almond balances the level of glucose in the blood, thereby prevent diabetes and heart disease.

Eat Breakfast every morning these products and you will cease to feel sleepy during the day and you will improve the metabolism and accelerate the metabolism, which is very important for health.

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